Get Active and Stay Informed

Reading through these ideas and opportunities, we hope you will come to believe that, yes, we will win. But only if we participate, and we get loud, and we show up. Please send resources that you think belong here to

  • If you’ve seen posts urging you to call your representatives, but you aren’t sure what to say or who to call, start here.

  • IndivisibleA Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda (Former congressional staffers reveal the best ways to make Congress listen)

  • 1) Find your Reps. 2) Call your Reps. 3) Call the Judiciary (202.225.3951) 4) Call the Speaker (202.225.0600).

  • Note: Make demands, ask specifically what they plan to do, and never forget that their job is to represent you.

    • WIN: On January 2, 2017, House Republicans introduced an amendment that would radically change the way the Office of Congressional Ethics worked. Once the media got wind of it, people jammed the phone lines of their representatives. Within hours, House Republicans withdrew the Goodlatte Amendment. When constituents call regarding a targeted issue, staffers and representatives are forced to answer quickly.

  • Update from 1/26 meeting: If the idea of talking on the phone with strangers makes you nervous, you're not alone. Check out this article from Echo Through the Fog: "How to call your reps when you have social anxiety" to find tips and ideas that can help you when making phone calls to your representatives. 

  • To make finding and calling your representatives as easy as possible, 5 Calls provides scripts, weekly email blasts and uses your location to find your local representatives so your calls have more impact. As they say on their website, "Spend 5 minutes, make calls" to help create the change you want to see. 

  • Calling your Reps is vital but if you are able, meeting them face-to-face is even better. OurStates is an amazing new organizational tool that makes this process easier than ever. It lays our step-by-step how to get in contact with your representatives and organize a meeting as well as other ways you can put pressure on your representatives.

  • Update 9/20: Graham-Cassidy is the GOP’s newest effort to repeal Obamacare, and the bill threatens Americans more explicitly than ever before. Like its predecessor, Graham-Cassidy would take away coverage from 32 million Americans. The bill will end protections for pre-existing conditions, a measure that will hurt more than half of people under 65, and make their premiums skyrocket. In short, Graham-Cassidy is the latest in an all-too-long list of GOP healthcare bills that threaten the lives of poor, disabled, sick, and female Americans. Click on the following link to find your representatives’ numbers and urge them to reject the bill: Read Events Director Kelsey's full detailed summary of the bill here.

  • Register to VOTE:

  • RE:ACT - A weekly list of concrete things you can do during the Trump presidency.

  • Learn about Campaign Zero here, sign up to get involved here, then track progress of legislation and find where your representatives stand.

  • Visit, and seize the power of the petition. Petitions are not only important because they draw representatives' attention to an issue. They also allow organizers and activists to follow up with you when they know you're concerned about something.

  • Download Countable to track legislation, get information on issues, contact your reps, and find more ways to get involved on the issues that matter to you (guide on using Countable here).

  • Sign up for flippable, started by a team of organizers and engineers who met each other while working on the Hillary Clinton campaign in Columbus, Ohio and Brooklyn, New York. They are determined to "flip the House, flip the Senate, flip the President" by acting collectively and strategically. Check out their plan, and then act.

  • Sign up for Daily Action , a text-message-based service that gives subscribers a single action to take each day, for example calling the Customs and Border Control Office at every major airport in the country to demand they release data of those who were detained under President Trump's recent travel ban. All you have to do is text DAILY to the number 228466 and you will then be prompted to enter your zip code. 

  • Help recruit and support under 35-year old progressives running for down-ballot office by checking out and donating to Run for Something. They recruit and supported talented young people who the usual 'institutions' might never encounter and will advocate for progressive values now and for the next 30 years. 

  • Sign up to WhiteHouseInc - in response to the shutdown of White House's telephone comment line, WhiteHouseInc have developed a service that helps users randomly dial one of 30 or so Trump properties where callers can lodge a complaint about Trump plans to - as examples - repeal Obamacare or build a border wall. When you submit your phone number on the website, you will receive a call and be randomly connected to one of Trump's properties. 

  • The 2018 House elections will be crucial to holding our government accountable and the swing districts (where the winners of the last House Representative election were determined by a thin margin) will be particular important to target. Swing Left helps you to find and commit to supporting campaigning progressives in the swing districts nearest to you so that we can take back the House in 2018. 

  • To learn about new candidates and opportunities for political organizing, check out Barack Obama's Organizing for Action  and Bernie Sanders'

  • Sign up at to receive updates and phone-bank links for the DLCC so you can make calls to help get Democratic candidates to seats and legislatures across the country.

  • Translate your energy into activism today by visiting Now It's On Us to find out how to get involved. Check their Twitter for more information. 

  • Sign up for ResistX to keep up you updated with ongoing actions and protests going on in the city through email blasts. Check out this article for more information about the resource. 

  • View the "Emergency Guide: What you (yes you) can do to Stand with Planned Parenthood" which outlines the ways by which you can become a Defender of Planned Parenthood and the immediate as well as long term steps you can take to help protect Planned Parenthood. 

  • Some organizations to contribute to: the ACLUElectronic Frontier Foundation, National Center for Trans EqualityMuslim Public Affairs Council, or Planned Parenthood. More information about other organizations here.

  • Check out the ACLU's Take Action page, which provides updated opportunities to take action and support ACLU led petitions. 

  • Crooked Media - the home of Pod Save America, Pod Save the People and many other podcasts - also have a 'Take Action' page, which contains action items, organizations and opportunities to which to contribute. 

  • Update 12/14: On December 14th 2017, the FCC voted to end the Obama-era regulations on Net Neutrality. This means that certain information on the Internet will only be available to people who can afford it. Here are ways that you can help to continue the fight: 

  1. Call your Representatives to start a telecoms bill. If you need a script, check out this one from @Celeste_Pewer

  2. Call your State Attorneys General and ask them how they plan to address FCC changes. They have the power to protect consumers + tell them to sign off on the letter to investigate the fake comments.

  3. Keep up with the related lawsuits and if you’re able to donate to the organizations fighting please do.

  4. Demand that your 2018 candidates add #NetNeutrality to their platform.

  5. Check out #RIPinternet and Battle For the Net for resources to help you get involved.