Fighting Words

Fighting Words is the official podcast of the NYU College Democrats, hosted by Ryan Trumbauer and Raven Quesenberry.

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A word from Ryan and Raven: 

We are two students at New York University trying to make sense of politics in 2018. This is a podcast for us to help you do the same! We'll be speaking with some of the coolest professors, student leaders, and local activists to learn how we can all navigate the age of Trump. We'll also be breaking down some of the week’s biggest stories. Our hope is that our Fighting Words can be a spark for change on every campus.

Episode 1

On the premiere episode, Ryan and Raven sit down to talk about the recent NYCHA debate occuring in New York City, Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial candidacy, and the Pennsylvania Special Election.

Episode 3

This week, Raven and Ryan unpack the Cambridge Analytica scandal, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg comes to Congress to testify about data privacy. Also: the FBI raid Michael Cohen's office and Paul Ryan announces his retirement.

Episode 2

This week, Ryan and Raven interview Fadumo Osman, the President of the NYU College Democrats. She discusses her political story, March for our Lives, and the state of the Democratic Party.