Our Club’s


Article 1. Name of Organization

1.01.    The name of the Organization shall be the College Democrats at NYU.

Article 2. Mission and Philosophy

2.01.    The mission of the Organization shall be to further the basic tenets of the Democratic Party among the NYU community. In doing so, the club aims to expand and coordinate student involvement in the political process. Moreover, the club hopes to enjoy great success in spreading a pro-student, pro-Democrat message to students throughout the University via forums, speeches, events and issue advocacy.

2.02.    The mission of the Organization shall be consistent with the mission of New York University.

2.03.    The mission, activities, and practices of the Organization shall not be in conflict with applicable local, state or federal laws or University policies and procedures presently in force or hereafter enacted.


2.04.    Hazing and harassment practices by the Organization shall be prohibited.


Article 3. Membership

3.01.    Membership in the Organization shall be open to all fully matriculated NYU students in good standing with the University without regard to age, citizenship status, color, disability, marital or parental status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.


3.02.    The organization shall maintain a membership of fully matriculated NYU students, and have a minimum of two executive board officers (President and Treasurer). The number of active members shall be at least two (2) times the number of executives. College Democrats shall have no more than 2/3 of its membership from any one school or academic department.


3.03.    Other members of the University community (defined as current faculty, staff, administrators and alumni) may attend the Organization’s meetings and activities but may not conduct business on behalf of the Organization, vote, hold positions of responsibility including but not limited to elected, appointed, or volunteer positions or be involved in the finances of the Organization.


3.04.   Membership will be determined by attendance of three full meetings or events during the current semester. Any member who has attended three meetings will be eligible to vote in any elections that occur during said semester. If one’s second meeting is the day of the election, they will be unable to vote or run. The definition of a “meeting” shall be clearly articulated by the executive board in advance of any upcoming election.


3.05.     All Members shall have equal rights and privileges with respect to Membership, holding an office, and participating in the election of the Officers of the Organization.


3.06.     All Members are eligible to vote for constitutional changes and any other concern that the Executive Board determines appropriate.


3.07.    Membership in and affiliation with the College Democrats at NYU and all rights and responsibilities associated with such a status shall not be contingent on a person’s actual or perceived: age, citizenship status, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, language preference, marital or parental status, national origin, physical appearance, race, religion or faith, religious affiliation, religious practice, sex, sexual orientation, source of income, veteran or military status, any other characteristic protected under federal or New York state law, or any combination of these factors or related factors. The College Democrats at NYU will have and make available a non-discrimination policy pertaining specifically to members and attendees accessible through respective social media outlets.


3.08.     Organizations may be campus chapters of not-for-profit organizations in accordance with University policies on affiliations with not-for-profit organizations. Organizations shall report their campus chapter status during the club registration process each year.


3.09.    An organization with All-Square status shall allow students studying away and students at portal campuses (NYU Abu Dhabi and NYU Shanghai) to be full members of the organization.         


3.10.     An organization shall indicate in its official roster the location status (at the Square, studying away, etc.) of its members.


3.11.    The guarantee in this Constitution of certain rights and privileges to any and all Members of the Organization shall not be construed to deny other rights and privileges assumed by the Members of the Organization.


Article 4.  Officers and Duties

4.01.    The Officers of the Organization shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer who shall constitute the Executive Board of the Organization.


4.02.    The Events Director, Political Director, and Deputy Treasurer will also sit on the Executive Board of the Organization.


4.03.     Additional positions and committees shall be created by the Executive Board. The method by which leadership position(s) shall be assigned to the additional positions and committees shall be determined by the Member of the Executive Board overseeing them, respectively. If any position is to join the Executive Board in club governance, the position must be filled through an election.


4.04.    The Director of Student Activities shall appoint a Student Activities Club Advisor for each All-Square Club.  The advisor shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Organization. Ex-officio members shall serve only in a non-voting capacity.


4.05.    All officers shall be fully matriculated NYU students in good standing with the University.


4.06.    Any NYU student eligible to be an Officer of the Organization shall not be permitted to hold more than one Office in that Organization at any one time.


4.07.    The President of an Organization may not hold a similar position in another Organization registered with Student Activities.


4.08.    In April of each year, the Executive Board of the Organization shall call a meeting of the general Membership of the Organization for the purpose of electing new Officers.


4.09.    The meeting date for taking nominations and holding elections, as well as the nomination and election process, shall be well publicized to all Members of the Organization.


4.10.    All executive board members shall be elected by a simple majority vote by the members present during the approved election meeting, unless specifically noted that the position shall be appointed.


4.11.    The outgoing President of the Organization shall notify Student Activities of the election results by June 1 via the Student Activities on-line club officer registration form.


4.12.    The President will provide Student Activities the following information for each new or re-elected officer:  net ID, NYU e-mail address, school, class status, gender, and anticipated graduation date


4.13.    The President shall call all meetings of the General Membership, regular or otherwise, and shall serve as the chairperson of such meetings and furthermore shall at all times maintain an accurate and complete list of the Membership of the Organization, their schools, and NYU net ID numbers. In addition, the President shall, with the advice of the Executive Board, plan and coordinate the events to be sponsored by the Organization in forthcoming terms; with the Treasurer, prepare and present an annual budget request to the All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee (ASSBAC), and shall in all events serve as a liaison with ASSBAC, SAB and Student Activities. The President shall occasionally be responsible for the writing and distribution of a newsletter or other notice to the Membership informing them of any Meeting or other gathering of the Organization.


4.14.    The Vice President, in the absence of the President, or should the President prove unable or unwilling to perform the duties described above, shall assume the responsibilities of the President.  In the event of a vacancy in the Office of the President, the Vice President shall assume the Office of the President, including all duties and responsibilities thereof, until elections for new Officers shall be held. In addition, the Vice President shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Board called pursuant to Section 5.06 below and shall also perform other duties as the President may assign.

4.15.   The Political Director will work the President and Vice President to develop and implement the political and legislative priorities of the organization. They will identify issues on the state and local levels that affect college students and help to organize any efforts to affect those issues. They will act as a liaison between the organization and the political campaigns and elected officials that we support, while also orchestrating any campaign activities; all communication between the club and outside organizations must be approved by the President.

4.16 - The Policy and Communications Director will serve as the chief of public policy research and external communications. They will provide thorough research and analysis in advance of discussions, presentations and debates as needed. They will draft communications for urgent needs and collaborate with the President and Executive Board in drafting communications for non-urgent needs. They will serve as a deputy in absence and assistance of the Political Director and as such assume the proceeding constitutional position (4). All subsequent clauses shall be renumbered accordingly. 

4.17.  The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records of the Organization and shall be allowed to request checks or purchase orders on behalf of the Organization.  The Treasurer, with the President, shall prepare and present any budget requests to ASSBAC.  The Officers shall insure that all funds are properly kept within the ASSBAC accounting system.  No outside accounts are permitted.

4.18. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording accurate minutes of any Meeting, regular or otherwise, of the General Membership and of the Executive Board.  The Secretary shall record all votes of the General Membership and of the Executive Board. The Secretary shall also be responsible in maintaining and updating all forms of social media that belongs to the College Democrats. These social media platforms include, but are not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. and furthermore shall at all times maintain an accurate and complete list of the Membership of the Organization, their schools, and NYU net ID numbers.

4.19.  The Events Directors (2) shall be responsible with organizing events outside of General Meetings and facilitate relationships with non-campaign related events. The chairperson shall also direct the Democrat-Republican debate.

4.20.    The Deputy Treasurer, in the absence of the Treasurer, or should the Treasurer prove unable or unwilling to perform the duties described above, shall assume the responsibilities of the Treasurer.  In the event of a vacancy in the Office of the Treasurer, the Deputy Treasurer shall assume the Office of the Treasurer, including all duties and responsibilities thereof, until elections for new Officers shall be held. The Deputy Treasurer shall also be responsible for learning the responsibilities of the Treasurer in hopes of holding the Office of the Treasurer. The election of the Deputy Treasurer will be held annually in the fall semester to ensure that first-year and transfer students have an equal opportunity to run. It is encouraged for the Deputy Treasurer to not be an advancing senior so that they may advance on to run for Treasurer. This is not, however, a requirement.

4.21.   The President shall appoint a Historian with approval from the executive board. The Historian shall serve as a recorder and archivist of changes, developments, activities, and all other related topics that pertain to the organization since its inception. They are to serve as the institutional memory of the club and offer advice to the President and Vice President when asked. The Historian shall achieve these goals by performing necessary research and interviews with current members and appropriate alumni. The Historian will not have a vote on the executive board, but may attend all executive board meetings and participate in discussion.

4.22.   The President may appoint a Task-Force Director with approval from the executive board should a situation presents itself that requires immediate mobilization of the organization’s members outside of the general meetings that the club hosts. The Task Force Director will work alongside members to mobilize students on and off campus centered around a particular issue or issues. The Task Force Director will report regularly to the executive board about the progress of the task force’s actions. The President shall have the authority to disband the task force, with executive board approval, once it is deemed that the goal of the task force has been sufficiently achieved. The Task-Force Director will not have a vote on the executive board, but may attend all executive board meetings and participate in discussion.

4. 23. The Advisor to the Organization must be a member of the Student Activities staff appointed by the Director of Student Activities.  The Student Activities Club Advisor shall serve as a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and shall provide guidance and administrative assistance in the preparation of a program of events to be pursued by the Organization in forthcoming academic year.

 4.24.  Any Officer of the Organization may resign at any time by delivering a written notice or e-mail of formal resignation to the President or, in the case of the resignation of the President, to the Vice President. Prior notice of absence, due for example to studying abroad or early graduation, does not require a letter of resignation

4.25.  Every member of the Executive Board shall:

  1. Keep the rest of the Executive Board informed as to all actions they are taking on behalf of the College Democrats;

  2. Not take a position in another club which would compromise their obligations to the College Democrats;

  3. Possess a copy of this Constitution and be familiar with its contents; and,

  4. Make every effort to welcome new and returning members at meetings and events.


4.26.     General elections shall be held on the second (2nd) or third (3rd) meeting of April.


4.27.    When an Officer position is vacated, the Executive Board shall hold elections as soon as possible to fill the position by following the Organization’s election procedures.


4.28.    In the case of vacated Officer position, a special election shall be held two (2) meetings after vacancy is created.


4.29.    If any Officer of the Organization is absent from the NYU campus due to a leave of absence or studying aboard the Executive Board shall hold elections to fill the position by following the Organization’s election procedures.


4.30.    Any Officer of the Organization may be removed from such office by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the Members. Due Process shall be filed with the CSALS advisor in advance.


Article 5.  Quorum and Meetings

5.01.    A Quorum shall exist at any Meeting of the Membership where at least fifty percent (50%) of the Members then in residence at NYU are in attendance. All Members attending a meeting must attend in a professional manner.


5.02.    Actions requiring a vote may only take place when a Quorum is present. The Secretary shall record the votes and announce the outcome.  They shall also maintain records related to the vote including procedures for voting and the vote count.


5.03.    General Meetings of the Organization shall be held at least ten (10) times per Semester at such time and place to be determined by the President, in consultation with the full Executive Board.


5.04.    A Special Meeting of the Membership shall be called, upon written petition to the President, from at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the Members then in residence at the NYU New York campus.


5.05.    All Members shall be notified of the time and place of any Meeting, via e-mail or other means of mass-communication, at least one (1) day in advance of said Meeting. This communication shall also contain information pertaining to the Business of said Meeting. No Meeting shall be called with the intent to exclude any one Member or any portion of the Membership.


5.06.    All Members shall be notified of the time and place of any event, via the Facebook group or other means of social media communications, at least three (3) days in advance of said event. All Members shall be notified of the time and place of the General Meeting via email at least one (1) day in advance by the Executive Board. Any changes made to any meeting or event with regards to time and location must be communicated to the club when changes are known.


5.07.    The Executive Board of the Organization shall meet at least once before any Meeting of the General Membership at such time and place as to be determined by the President in consultation with the full Executive Board. At such Meetings of the Executive Board, a Quorum shall be deemed to be the attendance of any three (3) Members of the Executive Board.  The President shall preside over this Meeting.  In the event that the President is unable to attend this Meeting, the Vice President shall preside in their place.


5.08.    The Executive Board of the Organization must attend every meeting -- both the Meeting of General Membership as well as their weekly Executive Board meetings. However, they are permitted one (1) unexcused absence and three (3) excused absences. The definition of these respective absences shall be left to the discretion of the Executive Board. Should the limits of the absences be surpassed by an Executive Board Member, respectively, the Executive Board must discuss the continuation of that respective Executive Board Member’s position.


5.09.     Executive Board Members will be considered for removal for the following reasons: excessive absences, general negligence, failure to meet constitutional responsibilities, unethical conduct, or working against the interests of the College Democrats at NYU.


5.10.     Removal from the executive board shall meet one of two requirements. These requirements shall apply to every member of the Executive Board:

  1. A unanimous vote of the Executive Board excluding the individual being voted on

  2. A majority vote of the Executive Board, excluding the individual being voted on, followed by a vote of two thirds of the General Membership present at the following meeting.


5.11.    Any Member may suggest a resolution at a General Meeting. If said resolution is seconded, the General Membership shall vote on it. A Member of the Executive Board will direct a discussion period before voting and manage the voting process. Voting will by default be conducted by people closing their eyes and raising their hands. Voting will be by secret ballot if requested by any Member. A resolution is considered passed if the majority of Members present vote in favor of suggested resolution.


5.12.    No resolution may violate this Constitution. If the Executive Board, by majority decision, declares that a resolution is unconstitutional, then said resolution is null and void. If a resolution passes and is deemed constitutional, it must be followed by the Membership and Executive Board to the end of the academic year in which it is passed. For the resolution to be added to this Constitution, it must undergo normal constitutional proceedings.   


Article 6.  Voting and Elections

6.01.    Each Member shall have one (1) vote. Every member that seeks election to the executive board must have attended five meetings during the semester of election. Attendance records of every candidate will be approved by the Secretary before their name is added to the ballot.


6.02.    There shall be no absentee or proxy voting with respect to any matter, with the exception of students who are studying away from the New York campus.


6.03.      In the event of a Member being abroad or not in attendance at the New York campus of NYU for any reason during the upcoming fall semester, they shall be permitted to run on a joint ticket with another Member. Each Member on the ticket shall serve for the respective semester they are present at the New York campus. In the event that the person elected for the fall remains on campus in the spring, they shall still be replaced by the other Member of their ticket.


6.04.     Voting shall be conducted in the constitutional order of positions, beginning with President and concluding with Deputy Treasurer.


6.05.     If an individual loses an election they are allowed one drop down (i.e. the ability to run for one other office). This drop down and what position it applies to must be stated in their original declaration to run. No drop downs previously unannounced shall be permitted the day of the election.


6.06.    Elections shall be conducted through an instant runoff voting system. Each voter must rank the candidates running for a position in order of their preference. A candidate is elected if they have the majority of first-place votes. If no candidate has a majority of first-place votes, the candidate with the fewest first-place votes is eliminated, and the votes for this candidate are reallocated based on the second-place votes of each ballot. This continues until one candidate has a majority of the votes. If no majority is achieved, there will be a revote.


6.07.     If the election exceeds the duration of the meeting time, the election shall continue in a different room until the election is complete.


6.08.     Members unable to attend the meeting will be able to cast their vote virtually during the time of the election. Members must have a valid excuse for being unable to attend in order to vote virtually. No votes will be accepted that are cast before or after the designated time of voting.


6.09.   A Member must present a valid NYU student ID in order to vote.


6.10.   Any Member running for a position on the Executive Board shall fill out a questionnaire distributed by the current Executive Board Members which will then be displayed to the club. In addition, any Member that shall run for a position on the Executive Board shall give a speech with regards to the position they are running for. Any Member studying abroad may still run for an officer position under the condition that they submit a message with regards to the position they are running for.


6.11.     Students who are studying away are allowed to run and to vote for an officer position in the organization.


6.12.    Election votes will be counted by the most senior Members of the Executive Board not running for a position; if the preceding requirement cannot be filled, a graduated alumnus Member from a previous Executive Board will serve this role. There will be a minimum of two election officers for any election.


Article 7.  Miscellaneous

7.01.    This Constitution may be amended or repealed by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Members of the Organization then in residence at NYU. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed and drafted by any Member of the Organization, including Officers, and Members of the Executive Board. The official composition and purpose of any and all Amendments to this Constitution shall be agreed to by a simple fifty percent (50%) majority vote of the Members of the Organization then in residence at NYU before they shall be presented to the General Membership for final Ratification.


7.02     Any amendment to this Constitution shall be submitted to the Student Activities Board (SAB) for approval. Once approved, such changes shall be attached hereto and made a part hereof for all purposes.


7.03     This Constitution, and any amendments and changes hereto shall be filed by the club with the SAB, and with CSALS and shall be available to any Member of the Organization for inspection during office hours.


7.04     The SAB-approved Constitution on file in the CSALS OrgSync database shall be the official Constitution of the organization.


7.05     The Organization shall not engage in any unsanctioned and unauthorized     Activities. Any activity the Organization sponsors or attends without the authoritative permission of CSALS shall be deemed an unsanctioned and unauthorized activity. Use of the Organization’s name in affiliation with any unsanctioned and unauthorized activity in a manner that may imply that the Organization has the authoritative permission of the University to participate in the activity and/or implies to participants or others that the unsanctioned and unauthorized activity is sanctioned, authorized, approved, and allowed by the University, when in fact it is not, is strictly prohibited. The Organization’s funds or University resources shall not be used in affiliation with an unsanctioned and unauthorized activity.         


7.06     In accordance with the CSALS Judicial Process the Organization may be summarily suspended while appropriate judicial officers of the University investigate perceived or alleged violations of any CSALS or University policies.        


7.07     SAB will be the body that arbitrates grievances involving registered student organizations in violation of SAB rules and other grievances duly referred to the SAB. These include but are not limited to grievances between All-Square organizations, grievances between a student and an All-Square organization, etc.


7.08     The Executive Board will take measures necessary to make this Constitution accessible to Members through social media and other outlets or on individual request.