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Task Force Introductions by Task Force Director Audrey Montague

Hello! Midterms have about wrapped up and so now it is time to turn our attention back to our task forces! Below you will find a general description of each task force and an introduction to their leaders. We look forward to getting the ball rolling and establishing a firm foundation for each group so that next semester we can do as much as possible with each task force. Please read through and email the leader of which task force you are interested in.

Urban and Environmental Issues Task Force: 

The Urban and Environmental Issues Task Force seeks to address major urban and environmental issues particular to the areas surrounding NYU. These include (but certainly aren’t limited to) questions of sustainability (on individual/community levels and also in corporate practice), public housing and displacement, spatial segregation, environmental policy (local and global), environmental justice, clean energy, homelessness, gentrification, food systems, and urban agriculture. Public housing is a huge topical objective for the task force--namely, calling for the increased availability and development of well-located, affordable rental units. Pertaining to the NYU community, we are interested in raising discussion around ways through which student-renters can remain conscious of their place within neighborhoods whose histories are nuanced and complex. In the coming weeks, we will be arranging both teach-in and volunteer/community engagement events. Feel free to contact Katie Mulkowsky( with any questions or if you want to get involved!

Reproductive and Health Justice Task Force: 

The Reproductive/Sexual Health Justice Task Force strives to engage in activism that protects fundamental bodily rights. By working in coalition with various social justice & education groups on campus, we hope to educate, actively engage, and advocate for issues surrounding reproductive and sexual health. Please reach out to Grace Moon at or Jami Tanner at in order to get involved!

Mental Health Advocacy, Healthcare Reform, and Economic Justice Task Force: 

Hi! We are the committee for Mental Health Advocacy, Healthcare Reform, and Economic Justice. Although we have a long name and a broad number of topics to tackle, we are nonetheless ready to fight for policy that expands healthcare, reforms mental health care, and puts everyone at an economic level where they are able to provide for their family. Our topics of interest include a healthcare plan that works for all, better mental health facilities in prisons and schools, and bringing the minimum wage up in states where it is low. Please contact Jeriah Arrayales at or Arman Becan at to get involved!

Immigration Task Force: 

Hi everyone! My name is Andrés Saravia and I’m a CAS freshman planning to major in Journalism and Politics. I was born in Mexico City, and it was both my interest in Politics and my Latino heritage that led me to choose to become the Immigration task force leader. During the College Democrats meetings every Thursday you will get to see our other Immigration task force leader: Elan Pelegri. He is also a freshman at CAS and together we’ll be co-leaders for this group. If you are interested in our task force and are looking to learn more, here are some articles that we think are interesting: Pelosi: Dems may oppose any border control measures in DACA fix and DACA recipients wait on Congress for solution. I look forward to meeting with everyone in the future and if anyone has any questions feel free to email me Andrés Saravia at any time. 

Education Task Force: 

The Education Task Force of NYU Dems is committed to supporting the public education system in New York City, increasing accessibility of resources for students at all levels of education, and electing public officials who prioritize education in their polices. The task force is comprised of NYU students who recognize the importance of a good education for all students. Problems we would like to see addressed are: the segregation of NYC public schools, the lack of funding and support for teachers, the high cost of higher education and the enormous amount of debt that burdens college students, and the lack of adequate mental health resources for students. Current actionable items include reaching out to our elected officials in order to stop the Republican tax plan from passing. This tax plan not only takes away the tax break for teachers who must buy their own school supplies due to low budgets, but also makes scholarships for college students taxable, all while cutting taxes for the richest members of our society. These burdens on the education system in America decrease quality of schools and harm our economy. Not only should we insist that this tax plan does not pass, but the task force also urges the community to support the United Federation of Teachers and other educational unions. Solidarity with educators ensures that the interests of students and teachers are kept in mind during the democratic process. Please email Lia Warner at if you are interested.

Elections, Engagement & Cybersecurity (EEC) Task Force:

Our committee is focused on how as Democrats, especially young Democrats, our electoral and civic participation can meaningfully effect the outcomes of our government and more broadly our society. We plan to do this through actions like calling our Representatives, canvassing, and most simply voting. In addition we are focused on the integrity of American elections and ensuring equitable voting access for all eligible Americans. Our committee has eight major topic areas we plan on covering this school year: electoral engagement, civic engagement, on-campus engagement, electoral reform, campaign finance reform, election integrity and cybersecurity, protecting voting rights, and electoral data & technology. While these cover a vast number of topics and actions, our goal is to fundamentally do our part in competing in races across the country at every level.

This week, Democrats and Republicans saw what Democratic success looks like in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Washington, Georgia, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and more states. In just one year, every single eligible voter will have their opportunity to affect change when they vote in the midterm elections. For those with Republicans in our home districts, that can mean electing Democrats who will fight for progressive causes we believe in. For those of us with Democrats in our home districts, that can mean electing more diversity, more progress, more ingenuity, and more practicality in primaries and even the general election. This is extremely important work and as a task force we are proud to put NYU College Democrats on the front lines of our electoral success. Please email David Gordon at if you are interested!

NYC Criminal Justice Task Force:

The NYC Criminal Justice Task Force is looking for a leader, if you are interested please email me (Audrey) at

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