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Statement Regarding the Shooting in Parkland, Florida

The NYU College Democrats would like extend our deepest condolences to the loved ones of those lost and injured at Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida yesterday.

At least 17 young lives have been cut short due to this act of domestic terrorism. It marks the 18th school shooting of 2018 (which is only 46 days old) and one of the deadliest mass shootings on our soil.

When will enough be enough? Watching these shootings happen again and again with absolutely no action in response is the very definition of complicity.

As an organization, we will be committing to showing our New York state and federal lawmakers that they will lose their next election if they continue their allegiance to the NRA. We plan to attend hearings related to bills on guns, town halls, and increasing our collaborations with local mental health advocacy groups.

Let’s stop beating around the bush - the United States is not number one in education or healthcare, but number one in mass shootings and incarceration rates. We refuse to accept the narrative that these shootings are somehow unavoidable or a series of unrelated incidents. This is an epidemic.

Though this is our current reality, it doesn’t need to be. We firmly believe we can change. We have an obligation towards our country and children to build a better, safer future and we hope you will join us in this mission. 

-NYU College Democrats Executive Board

If you were affected by yesterday's tragedy and need to talk to someone, please check out the resources at the NYU Wellness Center.

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