Why I’m Voting for Clinton (and not Jill Stein) by Vice President Drew Weber

I strongly supported Senator Sanders in the primary. I am supporting Secretary Clinton in the general. Below are my reasons and thoughts for doing so:

  1. The two party system is a not a cultural problem related to voters refusing to break away from its confines. It is the expected outcome of the “first past the post” system we have in place. A democratic multi party system would only arise under a different voting system, such as instant runoff or proportional representation. There are organizations currently working towards this and they are worth being a part of. Acting as though the issue is not with the election system itself is a poor approach to changing it.
  2. Clinton is a conventional Democrat. Her positions are essentially the same as Obama and Biden, deviating slightly in the area of foreign policy. If you are comfortable with either of them as president, but not Clinton I suggest you examine why that is.
  3. Regardless of what one thinks of Clinton's stance on issues pertaining to these groups, she did overwhelmingly win the black and Latino vote. These groups also have the most to lose under a Trump presidency. Former Sanders supporters/current Stein supporters refusing to back the Democratic nominee puts these voters in a difficult situation. Either they must abandon the candidate of their choice en masse even though that candidate won the nomination or run the risk of facing persecution. This is tantamount to extortion.
  4. Donald Trump thinks global warming is a “hoax created by the Chinese”. He has vowed to do away with Obama's executive orders on climate change. Clinton, even if her plan is not your preferred plan, is still serious about continuing with the current executive orders and building on them. There are no do overs on destroying the planet. Electing a climate denier poses an existential threat to the future of humanity. This must be prevented and the greens of all people should realize this.
  5. 3rd parties do not win the presidency in this country. There is literally all of history to support this. Prediction markets and election models give Stein a 0% chance of winning. Ignoring reality is a poor way to influence it.
  6. The ballot box is not the only place to shape politics. Given that Stein does not have a chance of winning, I'd strongly encourage former Sanders supporters to find more productive ways to create progress, such as local community organizing and participating in many of the important movements happening around the country. Your enthusiasm for progress is vital and should be directed towards where it can do the most good.
  7. Voting for Clinton does not mean surrendering the ability to disagree with and protest actions she takes as president. There is literally nothing preventing one from doing this. Even Noam Chomsky, who has as much to disagree with with Clinton as anyone on the left, has said he would vote for her if he lived in a swing state. That hardly counts as an endorsement of everything she's done or will do.
  8. The next president will likely appoint 3 justices to the supreme court. Nominees from Clinton and Sanders would likely be very similar. The same can not be said for Trump. Let’s not forget that from the imperfect presidency of Bill Clinton we got Ruth Bader Ginsburg. These nominees will profoundly shape the future of reproductive rights, criminal justice, and campaign finance. Democrats have a historic opportunity to secure a majority on the Supreme Court. This is enough of a reason to not jeopardize the outcome of this election.
  9. For all her problems, Clinton’s vision for the future still represents progress from the status quo. Paid family leave, more affordable college education, reforming our criminal justice system, all these issues mean real things for real people. I understand the disappointment in not realizing all the progress we desire. I felt that. I continue to feel that. But it is vital that we don’t allow this disappointment to cloud our judgement. More opportunities will arise and more battles will be fought. If we remain passionate and pragmatic we will one day realize the society we have been working towards.
Fadumo Osman